Luiton A8 PMR FRS kids walkie talkie


    LUITON 0.5w PMR FRS kids walkie talkie
    Frequency range:467.5125MHz-467.675MHz(14 channels)
    US FRS:462.5625-467.7125MHz(14channels)
    EU PMR+FRS:446.00625-467.7125(22 channels)
    14 channels
    1W output power
    38 groups of CTCSS
    5 call tone selectable
    VOX function
    Monitor function
    Key lock Function

    Product Description

    Features:  LUITON 0.5w PMR FRS kids walkie talkie

    1. Frequency range:467.5125MHz-467.675MHz(14 channels)
    2. US FRS:462.5625-467.7125MHz(14channels)
    3. EU PMR+FRS:446.00625-467.7125(22 channels)
    4. 14 channels
    5. 1W output power
    6. 38 groups of CTCSS
    7. 5 call tone selectable
    8. VOX function
    9. Monitor function
    10. Key lock Function

    Technical Specifications: LUITON 0.5w PMR FRS kids walkie talkie

    Rated voltage DC3.6V-4.5V
    Modulation mode FM modulation
    Intermediate frequency The first intermediate frequency:21.7MHz
    The second intermediate frequency:450MHz
    Total power consumption 1W
    Power Output Max 100Mw 4.5DC
    Frequency Error 0.00025%
    Current Consumption Transmitting < 450mA
    Receiving < 150mA
    Standby < 45mA
    Sensitivity for 12dB -118dBm
    Audio Output 0.25W 8 OHM(5% distortion)
    Audio Response range 300-3200Hz



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