What do we actually do?

    To do this, we have established our business operates in four, self-supporting manner


    You will get solution from our Research and development teams.

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    Your orders are inspected by our strict QC department.

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    We have professional sales team, provide best service for you.

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    In the passed 10 years running, we gained good fame from our customers.

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    Get to know us

    Our History

    • Jan 5, 2013

      2013 Global sales of 103000 units

      “LUITON” brand walkie talkie in more than 20 countries to get the fevour of customers,in order to provide better service for customers.
    • Dec 19, 2011

      2011 Global sales of 96000 units

      Company executives decided to start developing digital radio and maritime radio products.
    • Nov 28, 2009

      2009 Global sales of 81000 units

      We aspire to building walkie talkies and began the development of cb radio.
    • Oct 3, 2007

      2007 Global sales of 92000 units

      Independent research and development center was established and began to industrial upgrading.
    • Oct 3, 2005

      2005 Global sales of 60000 unit

      BOND telecom comany was founded in 2005 since established “LUITON” brand postioning.

    Industry Credits

    Is your business searching for a supplier of high quality Walkie talkie devices?

    Bond is a wholesale provider of many quality Bluetooth products such as adapters, speakers, headsets, gadgets, watches and more.

    Located in China, if you purchase from us, we offer many additional convenient services, all of which cannot be easily provided by other Walkie talkie product suppliers.

    lots of secret testing products won't be published on site. Don't wanna miss any of them?

    Our high quality services always beyond your expectations. 100% promise!

    Why Choose Us

    10 years experience in walkie talkie industry.
    Design and manufacture high quality products with 12 R&D engineers.
    Small order is accepted, we treat every order well.
    Professional sales team to offer fast response and good service.
    5 years OEM experience for 50 clients from US and Europe.
    Full product lines for walkie talkie items.
    Timely industry news for reference.
    Faster delivery by air or by express.(DHL,UPS or Fedex)


    Most of the services and products.More and more users are willing to cooperate to us!

    Throughout the country
    cooperative client
    Walkie talkie models

    Make video clips or product reviews for bond to get your free samples!

    Have a question? Great! Our quick-response client & customer support is here for you.