LT-868 long range walkie talkies


    Product Description

    Latest LUITON LT-868 hf transceiver from china


    Frequency: 156-162MHz for marine, 136-174MHz, 400-470MHz

    1. 25W RF output
    2. CTCSS (50 tones)
    3. DTMF codes
    4. Backlight
    5. Auto-scan function
    6. MR memory function
    7. VFO program (input the frequency you want by keypad)

    Latest LUITON LT-868 hf transceiver from china


    Number of Channel             128 programmable channels
    CTCSS                              50 group CTCSS transmit (inner)
                                              50 group receive (options)
    Channel Spacing                 5,10,12.5,25KHz
    Modulation                         FM
    Mode of Operation             Simplex or Semi-duplex
    Antenna Impedance             50Ω
    Operating Voltage                13.8V
    Mode of ground wire           cathode ground wire
    Operating Temperature         -10°C~+55°C
    Output power                        L:5W   H: 30W
    Spurious and image rejection     ≤-60dB
    Current Consumption             ≤8A (when transmit@30W)
    Maximum Deviation               ≤±4.5 KHz
    Sensitivity Adjustment            2~20mV
    Frequency Stability                 ±5ppm
    Usable Sensitivity                     0.18µV (12dB SINAD)
    Squelch Sensitivity Threshold     ≤0.2µV
    Tight Squelch Sensitivity           ≤3µV
    Audio Output                           ≥3W
    Audio Distortion                       ≤10%
    Audio Frequency Response       300~3000Hz


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