LT-980 25W mobile two way radio


    Product Description


    1.Big screen LCD display, super brightness and with background light

    2.Busy channels lock out

    3.Time limit setup for the transmitting

    4.Setup for the transmitting power grade

    5.Add-on interfere frequency encrypted board

    6.Have the function of CTCSS and DCS

    7.Use A,B ground scanning mode

    8.Can store 64 channels

    9.Written frequency function by computer ,also can setup the transceiver parameter and frequency value by computer


    Frequency Range 130-150MHz,150-170MHz

    400-420MHz, 420-440MHz ,450-470MHz

    Channel number 64
    Channel space 25KHz
    Compatible temperature -20°C to +55°C
    Power voltage 10-15VDC cathode grounded
    Size 44×168×160mm
    Weight 1030g
    Transmitting power 25W
    Frequency stability ±3ppm
    Modulation mode 16KφF3E
    Spurious radiation ≤-70db
    Frequency modulation noise ≤-40db
    FM distortion ≤5%
    Max freq deviation ≤±5KHz
    Channel frequency expand 20 MHz
    Frequency stability ±3ppm
    Selectivity Better than 0.25μV
    Receiving modulated bandwidth ≥±7KHz
    Adjacent channel selectivity ≥65db
    Inter-modulation rejection ≥65db
    Spurious response rejection ≥65db
    Audio Output power 2W(inner) 8W(outside)
    Channel frequency expand 20 MHz


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