Enchanting Place Yuannan

Yvonne got a bonus for travel from Bond Telecom.It’s a very great team of Bond Telecom.Every sales all have the opportunity to got the bonus to travel.Yvonne is the first one,congratulations.

Yunnan Province is indeed an enchanting place,in China,so many peoples are dreaming to go to this place,also many peoples from many countries.Let’s share with the photos which Yvonne took on the vacation.

The first station is Chengdu,Sichuan province.

Lugu Lake,across Yunnan and Sichuan province.It is a plateau lake with a total area of 48.45 square kilometers, 2690meters above sea level.Known as the “Country of Women” is home to the Mosuo minority, one of the few remaining matriarchal societies left in the world.

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