Luiton 25W two way radio


    Super high battery with 4000mAh, VOX

    PC Programming, TOT

    Scanning, Power saving

    Programmable key settings

    Intelligent fan-cooled

    Three user-defined keys

    Auto power off(APO)

    Opening tone

    Product Description

    Luiton 25W two way radio

    1. 25W high power
    2. 25W/10W/5W Tri-power optional
    3. Intelligent fan-cooled
    4. 4A large capacity Li-ion battery
    5. Non-standard CTCSS(58 groups)/DCS(107 groups)
    6. Three user-defined keys
    7. Auto power off(APO)
    8. Opening tone
    9. Scan
    10. Time out timer(TOT)
    11. VOX


    Frequency Range VHF:136-174MHz or UHF:400-480MHz
    Channel Capacity 16 channels
    Antenna Impedance 50Ω
    Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
    Operation Mode Simplex
    Weight 550g
    Dimension(Exclude antenna) 175x75x38mm
    Rated Voltage 12.6V
    Battery 4000mA (Li-Ion)
    Power 5W/10W/25W
    Modulation 16KØF3E  / 11KØF3E
    Max.Freq.Deviation 30dB
    Emission Current ≤3.5A
    Sensitivity ≤0.18µV
    Audio Power ≥500mW
    Audio Distortion ≤5%
    Inter modulation ≥60dB / ≥55dB
    Channel Selectivity ≥65dB / ≥60dB
    TX Current 3.5A
    Modulation Type F3E

    Each set packaging includes:

    1 x Luiton 25W two way radio
    1 x Charger
    1 x Battery
    1 x Antenna
    1 x Belt clip
    1 x Use’s manual



    1. Yokas


      my wife loves this radio but now we need a new battery for it. Please help, where do I order new battery?

      • luiton


        Thank you for choosing us.
        The battery will arrive in US Amazon 5 weeks.You can buy it on Amazon then.(It’s very hard to deliever battery to US)
        Best regards.

    2. Glenn


      I would like to purchase 2 units, however I cannot find anyone selling these? I am in US.

    3. Ted van Hout


      What’s the reason why it’s hard to deliver battery to e.g. US or the Netherlands?

    4. shawn faria


      can this radio do vhf 134 to 174 mhz

      • luiton



    5. AJ


      The Description clearly stats both VHF and UHF but the review says no to 134-174 can someone clarify which it is and update the official description on the website as needed? from the description on Luiton’s website: “General Frequency Range VHF:136-174MHz or UHF:400-480MHz” I’m looking for a radio that can do VHF in the 140-160(ish) Mhz

      • luiton


        ONLY UHF

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