DMR-8100H walkie talkie


    Product Description

    Features of Professional dmr digital radio dmr-8100h :

    Item: 1.8-inch color LCD vhf / uhf digital dmr radio dmr-8100h
    1.Voice coding algorithm:Single-chip solution for Vocoder,Baseband Modem, Communication Protocol Stack and CentralPrpcessomg; with the multi-band excitation (AMBE + +) vocoder thatconform with European standard, it can communicate with compatible models.

    2. Analog/Digital auto-adaptation:Support both analog and digitalmoder and automatic adaptation.

    3. Enhanced Call Management:Includes Emergency Alarm, CallPrompt, Remote Monitoring, Single Call, Group Call,All Call,Remote kill,Remote Halo,Resurrection, Radio Checking Function,etc.

    4. Compatibility:Compatible with existing analog radio andrepeater witheout any hardwate change. Compatibelr with CTCSS,CDCSS analog signaling type.

    5. Automatic recording:Built-in Voice recording module cansupport up to 60 minutes voice record for checking in anytime.

    6. Professional Digital Encryption:with 128-bit Fixed Key DigitalEncryption Technology in digital mode. different keys can be usedfor each user group to ensure the privacy of every groupL In analogmode, with the Scrambling Encryption Technology, the communicationsecurity is fully protected.

    7. Alarm Function: Alarm Tone.Transmitting alarm tone to other radios.Tone alarming as well as transmitting the alarm tone to other radios.alarm prompt.

    8. Low-High TX power: 1w/5w selectable.

    9. Avariety of signaling: support DTMF/CTCSS/DCS/5-tone/MDC1200 (in Analog Mode)

    10. VOX Function: with Storag Delay Transmitting Technology,the voice is stored first, then it is transmitted after a time delay,which can avoid the complicated operation and vocal lost.

    11. Scanning Function: support Channel Sequential Scanning andChannel Scanning setting.

    12. TDMA Duplex function: support duplex communication In direct/transit mode(12.5KHZ band width). or two calls at the same time

    13. Dual-slot Pseudo Trunk: In direct/transit mode, with Dual-slotDynamically Allocated Technology, the free time slot can be assignedto the group members who need communication.

    14. Large-size color LCD: 1.8-inch color LCD, It is still clear even under bright sunlight.

    15. software upgradable.

    16. support Data communication.

    17. Support short message service

    DMR-8100H is a new generation professional DMR that developad on the basis of the basis of theEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) DMR protocol uses asingle-chip solution (SB3500) to Integrate the Vocoder, Baseband Modem, Communication ProtocolStack and Central Processing, and support many hi-tech functions such as digital voice, data transmission in public security, airports, oil fields, and other industry and business sectors.Experts in Network Communication Solutions

    Technical Specifications of Professional dmr digital radio dmr-8100h :
    Frequency Bands VHF:136-174MHz UHF:350-400/400-470MHz
    Channel Capacity:1024CH
    Channel Spacing:12.5KHz(Digital) 25KHZ(Analog)
    Operating Mode:Simplex,Half Duplex
    Frequency Stability:±1.5ppm
    Multiple Sccess Mode:TDM
    Power Supply Voltage:7.4V(Battery Capcaity:2050mAh Li-icn/Ni-mh optional)
    Battery life:13 hours (Analog) 18 hours (Digital)
    Material of Case:PC

    Output Power:1W/5W
    Modulation limiting:±5KHz@ 25KHz/±5KHz@ 12.5KHz
    Rated Frequency Deviation:±3KHz@ 25KHz/±1.8KHz@ 12.5KHz
    Audio Distortion:≤ 3%
    Audio Response:6dB +1, -3dB per octave
    FM Modulation:12.5KHZ11KOF3E/25KHZ16KOF3E
    Residual FM:-40dB@ 12.5KHZ/-45dB@ 25KHZ
    Adjacent Channel Power:≤-60dB@ 12.5KHZ/≤-70dB@ 25KHZ
    Clutter Emission:≤-60dB@ 12.5KHZ/≤-65dB@ 12.5KHZ
    4FSK Dogital Modulation:12.5KHz data only:7K6DFXD/12.5KHz data & Voice:7K6DFXD
    Digital Vocoder Type:Built-in Vocoder or External AMBE++ Vocoder

    Sensitivity:0.25µV(12 dB SINAD) for analog/0.3µV(5%BER) for digital
    Adjacent Channel selectivity:≤-65dB @ 25KHZ/≤-60dB @ 12.5KHZ
    Intermodulation Immunity:≤-65dB @ 25KHZ/≤-60dB @ 12.5KHZ
    Clutter Suppression:≤-65dB @ 25KHZ/≤-60dB @ 12.5KHZ
    Audio Distortion:≤3%
    Signal to Noise Ratio:≤-40dB @ 12.5KHZ/≤-45dB @ 25KHZ
    Audio Response:6dB+2 -8dB per octave
    Rated Audio Output:50mW

    Environmental Indicator
    Operating Temperature:-25°C—+60°C
    Storage Temperature:-40°C—+85°C
    ESD:IEC61000-4-2 (Level 4)/±8KW(Contact)/±15KV(Air)
    U.S Military Standard:MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F/G
    Water and dust intrusion:IP54/IP67
    Humidity:Per MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F/G
    Shock and Virbration:Per MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F/G


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