DG-9908 DPMR Digital radio


    Product Description

    Vocoder: AMBE+2C
    199 channels
    Channel spacing: 6.25KHz for digital, 12.5KHz/25KHz for analog
    DPMR Digital Standard
    Working modes: Channel, Memorial and Frequency Mode
    Analog and Digital Auto-change
    Channel selection: Analog, Digital and Mixed Channel
    Single Call, Selective Call, Group Call
    Message edit, send and receive function
    ANI function
    Time display and can be edited
    CTCSS 50/DCS 104
    DTMF function
    Frequency Step Setting
    Repeater Offset
    Priority Channel Scan
    Scanning mode selection
    Channel Name Edit

    Technical Specification
    RF power output 7.4V:HI≈4W±1dB—LO≈1W
    Emission Current:HI≤1.6A—LO≤0.80A
    Maximum Frequency deviation:Wide band±5.0/Narrow band 2.5KHz
    Harmonic:<-65dB Adjacent channel Selectivity:Wide band 60dB/Narrow band 65dB Receiver Sensitivity: <0.25uV (12dB, SINAD) SQ sensitivity: <0.16uV Intermodulation rejection: 55dB Audio output: ≥800mW Receiving current: ≤300mA Standby Current About:35mA Weight:about 300g Power Voltage:7.4V Dimension:132*63*40mm Operating Temperature:-10°C — +55°C


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