LT-6100 walkie talkie


    Product Description

    wireless OEM walkie talkie main features

    1.CTCSS/DCS codes

    50 groups of  CTCSS & 108*2 groups of  DCS

    2.VOX function

    Hands free voice-operated transmission

    3.Adjustable squelch level

    Reverse Burst eliminates unwanted noise, 9-level sensitivity adjustment

    4.High/low power switchable

    High power output: 5W, Low power output: 2.5W

    5.High capacity 1600mAh Li-ion Battery and110V-240V charger adaptor

    20% working, 80% standby, last more than 60 hours

    6.Dust-Proof, Electromagnetic-Proof

    7.Coverage: Up to 5-8Km in the open area

    8.Low battery alarm with voice prompt

    9.LCD display

    10.Built-in FM radio

    11.Battery indicator

    12.Scan function

    Add scan channel and priority channel scan

    13.Programming method: computer/manual

    14.Signal strength indicator

    16.Channel annunciation and keypad tone/beep

    17.Transmitting prompt /roger
    18.Time-out Timer
    19.Low battery alert
    20.Battery Save
    21.Power-on password protection
    22.Busy channel lockout
    2.Voice Prompt

    24.Scrambler (optional)

    wireless OEM walkie talkie specification

    Frequency Range:136-174MHz/245-246MHz/400-470MHz
    Channel Spacing:25KHz/1.25KHz
    Rated voltage:7.2V
    Capability of battery: 1600mAh Li-ion
    Operating temp:+/-0.000025%(-30°C-+60°C)
    Channel frequency spread:38/1/70MHz
    Dimension:98(H)*53(W)*30(D)mm with battery
    Weight:220g ( battery included)
    RF power output:4/5W
    Modulation Mode:FM
    Repand Radiation :65dB
    Audio distortion:equal or less than 5%
    Sensitivity(for 12dB,SINAD):less than 0.16uV
    Intermodulation anti-interference:60dB
    Audio power :500mWwith less than 10% distortion
    Spurious response:65dB


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