LT-510 two way radio


    Product Description

    Voice Compander
    Activate this function for more clear audio output.

    This function is only operated by programming software.
    Time-Out Timer (TOT)
    The Time–Out Timer is used to prevent any caller from using a channel

    for an extended period of time.

    If you continuously transmit for a period of time

    that exceeds the programmed time, the transceiver will stop transmitting

    and an alert tone will sound.
    Auto Battery Save
    The function decrease the amount of power used when a signal is

    not being received and no operations are being performed .

    While the channel is not busy and no operation is performed for 5 seconds,

    battery save function will be activated.
    Busy Channel Lock Out(BCLO)
    When receiving a signal, if BCLO function switches on it will forbid transmitting a signal in order to make sure the channel no interference.
    You can use the Monitor key to listen to weak signals that you cannot hear during normal operation and to adjust the volume when no signals are presented on your selected channel.

    Frequency Range UHF: 400-470MHz,450-520MHz
    VHF: 136-174MHz
    Channel Capacity 48
    Channel Spacing 12.5/25.0 KHz
    Operation Voltage 7.4V
    Battery 1400 mAh(Li-ion)
    Battery Life (5-5-90 duty cycle) About 11hours
    Frequency Stability ±2.5 PPM
    Operating Temperature -20 ~+60°C
    Antenna Impedance 50Ω
    Dimension (L×W×H)(without antenna & battery ) 99*48*30 mm
    Weight (with antenna & battery) 235g
    RF Power Output UHF:4.0W/1.0W ,VHF:5.0W/1.0W
    Modulation F3E
    Spurious and Harmonics -36dBm<1GHz -30dBm>1GHz
    S/N 40/45dB
    Audio Distortion ≤5%
    Modulation limiting ±2.5 12.5KHz; ±5.0 25KHz
    Audio response +1 to -3 dB
    Sensitivity ≤0.30/0.20uV
    Adjacent Selectivity 60/70dB
    Intermodulation 65dB
    Spurious Response Rejection 70dB
    S/N 40/45dB
    Audio Power Output 750mW
    Audio Distortion ≤5%


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