LT-3670 two way radio


    Product Description

    Frequency Range                     136-174MHz(VHF)
    Number of Channel                 199
    CTCSS                                            50  CTCSS
    105  DCS
    Channel Specing             
    Modulation                                 FM
    Mode of Operation                  Simplex or Semi-duplex
    Antenna Impedance               50Ω
    Operating Voltage                    DC 7.2V
    Current Consumption             Cathode darth-plate
    Operating Temperature          -10°C~+55°C
    Output power                              ≤5W
    Spurious emissions                   ≤-65dB
    Current Consumption              ≤1.6A(transmit 4W)
    Maximum Deviation                ≤±5KHz
    Sensitivity Adjust                     2~20mV
    Frequency Stability                  ±5ppm
    Usable Sensitivity                       0.2μv
    Audio Output                                 ≥0.5w
    Audio Distortion                             ≤10%
    Audio Frequency Response            300~3000Hz
    Occupied Bandwidth                      ≤16KHz
    Note     We will not advance,if changing the technique specification.


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