LT-3000 vhf uhf car mobile repeater


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    Product Description

    Features of   LT-3000 car mobile repeater :

    Item Name:  Quanzhou LT-3000 vhf uhf car mobile repeater


    1. Illuminated LCD-night use
    2. Frequency range: 150-170MHz, 400-420MHz, 450-470MHz
    3. Busy channels locked
    4. With CTCSS & DCS function
    5. 64 memory channels
    6. Duplex channels to communicate
    7. Programming, set up the parameter and channels by computer

    Technical Specifications of   LT-3000 car mobile repeater :

    BAND LT-3000U/LT-3000V
    Frequency range 150-170MHz, 400-420MHz, 450-470MHz
    Channel number 64/99
    Channel space 25KHz
    Compatible temperature -25°C—60°C
    Power voltage 12V DC cathode grounded
    Cubage 44*168*160mm
    Transmitting power 10W
    Frequency stability ±3ppm
    Modulated mode 16k@F3E
    Spurious radiation ≤-70db
    FM noise ≤-40db
    FM distortion ≤5%
    Max frequency deviation ≤±5khz
    Channel frequency expand 0.8MHZ
    Frequency stability ±3pm
    Sensitivity Better than 0.25µV
    Receiving modulated bandwith ≥±7KHZ
    Adjacent channel sensitivity ≥65db
    Intermodulation rejection ≥65db
    Spurious response rejection ≥65db
    Audio output power 1.5w
    Channel frequency expand 20MHZ


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