LT-280 am cb two way radio


    Product Description

    Features of LT-280  cb two way radio

    1. Frequency: 26.065-28.755 MHz
    2. Signal strength indication
    3. Full 4 Watts power output
    4. TX indicator
    5. Squelch control
    6. No license required
    7. 7 Band selectable
    8. 280 channels

    Technical Specifications of  LT-280  cb two way radio

    Frequency range 26.065-28.755 MHz
    Channel 280 channels
    Channel spacing 10kHz
    Frequency stabilization ±25ppm
    Operating temperature range -20°C~+60°C
    Voltage 13.8V
    Standby current About 25mA
    Size 165 (W)×116(H)×44mm (D)
    Weight About 1000g
    RF power output 4W
    Emission current ≤1.5A
    Modulation AM
    Residual radiation <-60dB
    Reference sensitivity 1uV (12dB SINDA)
    Squelch sensitivity -107dbm
    Intermodulation anti-interference >60dB
    Audio power 4W


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