LT-27 handheld 40channels CB radio 27MHz


    Product Description

    LT-27 CB handheld radio pecification

    1. Multi-bands, 40 channels
    2. Frequency range: 26.565-27.99125MHz
    3. AM/FM mode; SCAN function
    4. Dual watch function
    5. High 4W/Low 1W selectable
    6. Squelch Control
    7. ON/OFF volume control
    8. External loudspeaker jack
    9. Multifunction backlight display
    10. Emergency (EMG) function
    11. Phase Loop synthesizer (PLL)
    12. Keypad can be locked

    CB handheld radio FREQUENCY BAND CHART

    Displayed digits Country
    I Italy 40 CH AM/FM 4Watt
    I2 Italy 34 CH AM/FM 4Watt
    D Germany 80 CH FM 4Watt / 12 CH AM 1Watt
    D2 Germany 40 CH FM 4Watt / 12 CH AM 1Watt
    D3 Germany 80 CH FM 4Watt / 40 CH AM 1Watt
    EU Europe 40 CH FM 4Watt / 40 CH AM 1Watt
    EC CEPT 40 CH FM 4 Watt
    E Spain 40 CH AM/FM 4Watt
    F France 40 CH FM 4Watt / 40 CH AM 1Watt
    PL Poland 40 CH AM/FM 4 Watt
    UK England 40 CH FM 4Watt English frequencies

    + EC 40 CH FM 4Watt CEPT frequencies



    Frequency Range VHF:26.565-27.99125MHz
    Channel No. 40FM
    Operating mode F3E (FM), A3E (AM)
    Antenna impedance 50Ohm
    Loudspeaker 8 Ohm 0.5W
    Micophone condenser type
    Power supply 7.2÷13.2 nom 12V
    Dimensions 30×70×140mm
    Weight(including antenna, battery) 220 gr.(without batteries)
    RF Output Power duty cycle 10% 4W AM/FM
    Frequency Tolerance 0.005%
    Harmonic Suppression more than 70dB
    Current Drain 900mA
    Modulation AM 90% (±5%)  FM dev.2.0 KHz
    Sensitivity at 10dB S/N 0.5uV (AM),0.25uV (FM)
    Selectivity more than 60dB
    Squelch range 0.25V-500uV
    Audio output power 0.5W 8 ohm(10% distortion)
    Distortion at 1000uV 3%
    Audio frequency response 400-2400Hz
    Intermediate frequency Ⅰ°10.695MHz   Ⅱ° 455KHz
    Spurious response More than 60 dB
    Current drain at stanby 100mA when the save mode is off

    45mA when the save mode is on


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