LUITON LT-188H VHF Walkie Talkie 10W for Hiking, Camping with Program Software & Cable – 1 Pack – Black


    Great structure design, anti-wrestling; 10Watts power output covers bigger distance; flash Torch; 12.5Khz/25Khz channel spacing selectable;

    High/low power switchable; monitor; auto battery save; low battery alert; busy channel lockout;

    VOX; CTCSS-50/cdcss-105, standard & nonstandard CTCSS Codes available; tot (time-out timer);

    Ending sound silencer; squelch level 0-9 adjustable; priority channel scan;

    Vhf radio: frequency 136-174 MHz Different frequency function; PC programmable;

    Product Description

    LUITON LT-188H VHF Long Range Radio has been chosen as one of the best Long Range Two Way Radios by GeekWrapped – Online product & gift suggestion platform.


    lt-188H 10w handheld long range transceicer

    Main features:

    Great structure design, anti-wrestling; 
    10Watts power output; 
    Flash torch; 
    12.5KHz/25KHz channel spacing selectable; 
    High/Low Power Switchable; 
    Monitor ; 
    Auto Battery Save ; 
    Low Battery Alert; 
    Busy Channel Lockout; 
    CTCSS-50/CDCSS-105, standard & nonstandard CTCSS codes available; 
    TOT (Time-out timer); 
    ending sound silence; 
    squelch level 0-9 adjustable; 
    Priority Channel Scan ; 
    Different Frequency Function; 
    PC Programmable; 


    Frequency Range 136-174MHz,400-470MHZ,450-520MHz
    Channel No. 16
    Channel Spacing 12.5 / 25KHz的
    Voltage 7.5V
    Battery 2800mAh(Li-Ion)
    Frequency Stabilization ±2.5ppm
    Operating Temperature Range -20℃〜+ 55℃
    Antenna Impedance 50Ω
    Size(H * W * d) mm(H)×mm(W)×mm(D)
    Weight(Including antenna, battery) 280g
    Distances 2〜15km
    RF Power Output 10W
    Modulation Type F3E
    Spuirous and Harmonic ≤-60dB
    Residual Radiation ≤-40dB
    Modulation Distortion ≤5%
    Maximum Frequency Deviation ±5KHz
    Sensitivity ≤0.2μV
    Modulatioin Band ±5KHz
    Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥60dB
    Inter-modulation Anti-interference ≥60dB
    Spurious Response Rejection ≥60dB
    Rated Audio Output Power  ≥500mW
    Rated Audio Distortion ≤5%


    Package Include: 
    1x Radio 
    1x Battery Pack 
    1x Power Adapter 
    1x Antenna 
    1x Belt Clip 
    1x Wrist Strap 
    1x User Manual 
    1x Programming Cable 
    1x Software CD


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    1. Not Sure


      I am a ham radio operator and have had many handhelds over the years. This one is a keeper! Great audio on both TX/RX. It sounds as good as my spendy Icom radio. It really dose put out 10w. I checked it on a couple of antennas with two watt meters. I plan to buy another right away. Some people have problems with the programing software. It’s only a driver problem. You need to disable auto updates and use an outdated driver. It’s the same thing for any chi-radio. Uv-5r ect ect. So it’s total BS when people bitch about not being able to program them.(Boisterous fools) I’ve abused mine with way too much TX time. The radio just kept going. Started to get warm but it has a nice alloy frame that helps keep it cool. I never did kill it. I am going to buy another one for sure! The only thing is I wish I could get a 12v car adapter for it. Oh well battery life is really good on these so it doesn’t matter.

      • luiton


        Thank you!

    2. John


      Where can I find software for lt-168h? I have cable. 188 software doesn’t work.

      Or do I also need that outdated driver? Where can I find this outdated driver? Help pls.

      • luiton


        you can download on our website.

    3. Vladimir


      How much really produces power at 400-470 Mhz?

      • luiton


        10 WATTS

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